From Inception to Completion
We can manage as much or as little of your project as you require. From obtaining building and occupancy permits, to submitting drawings to various trades for tender, to ensuring that all parts of the project are synchronized and working together instead of getting in the way, we can and will do it all.
Design without limits
We have never shied away from a challenge, and have frequently extended our services as needed by our clients. Historically this has included logo design, corporate colour schemes, and even complete brand identity packages as requested. So go ahead, tell us what you need for your business to succeed.
Anticipate, Mitigate & Resolve
Beginning with permit application and ending with the final inspection, we have the experience and knowledge to insure that your interaction with the city is quick and positive. We strive to identify issues before they are issues and create concrete plans to address them with the city and seek lasting resolutions.
Renowned Spatial Analysis
From a 10-seat cafe to an office for 500 employees, from a small pharmacy to a full commercial production kitchen, we can lay it out. We will ensure that your employees can work in a comfortable, efficient space; your customers can easily find the products they seek; and the space you rent is fully and completely maximized.

Design of any complexity

We have the experience, knowledge and tools.

We have the right combination to bring even the most complex project to fruition. We will work with you, your specific requirements and your budget to ensure that the end result is exactly what you seek. We will use our experience to avoid common pitfalls and traps along the way, our knowledge to ensure the solution is the best possible for your specific situation, and tools to ensure that it is done in the most efficient and advanced means possible.

In short, we will ensure that your project produces the results you seek will work to avoid common surprises, setbacks and pitfalls commonly seen.We've dealt with it all, so you won't have to.